My Prayer for Healthcare Workers

I wrote this prayer for my hospice team as a way to re-center in the midst of the day-to-day challenge of working with people in their darkest times. This prayer is for all healthcare workers. My prayer is that you not just read it but trust its truths and allow it to bless you, as you are a blessing to so many.

May you always recognize the blessing of having been chosen and called to this sacred space called healthcare.

May you be humbled as you enter into the lives of your patients and their families at their most intimate time of life, in their pain and suffering.

May you step into your gifting, trusting you are being equipped day by day to do the work of your calling.

May you recognize your own uniqueness and know you are valued, loved, and appreciated for who you are.

May you recognize each patient you encounter is unique in their approach and experience of life, death, and dying; may you always meet them where they are, and love, value, and appreciate them for who they are.

In your quest to bring them physical comfort, may you never overlook their need for emotional and spiritual healing. 

May you trust in your teammates to lift you up, support you, and encourage you when you cannot.

May you always extend that same support to others: your patients, their families, and your teammates.

May you always end your day, good or bad, with a deep sense of knowing you are right where you are supposed to be.

May you be changed by each new patient and every challenge, growing in your love, patience, and empathy.

May your growth expose new gifting you did not even know you possessed.

May you never miss the beauty of the work you do, as you stand on the edge between life and death.

May you always acknowledge there is a power greater than yourself at work in and through you to bring healing, comfort, peace, and wholeness to the patients you serve every day.


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