Speaking & Services


Renew Conference “Identity” March 2019

I am told my years of experience and youthful energy are my greatest assets, giving me the ability to speak to groups of youth, young adults, adults, women’s groups, parents or family ministries, at churches for worship, prayer, or special services, at retreats or conferences.

I have had various experiences speaking, preaching and leading. For example, as a youth pastor, I led an area youth leader training event called “Ignite” from 2006-2011. The training event gathered 65-185 (growing over the years) area youth leaders and student leaders together for a day of worship, training, and networking. Utilizing local youth pastors to lead and teach, but also securing national speakers for our one-day events.

Other speaking engagements include:

“Friday Night Fire” a youth and young adult worship & prayer night 2017

“Renew” youth Conference 2019

Various Youth Retreats

Jericho Road Project – local mission project

Beyond youth ministry, I also preached regularly to the larger congregation at my church as well as other area churches. In addition to preaching the Sunday morning service at several Women’s retreats, I was the keynote speaker at White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church’s women’s retreat in 2017.

Passionate about helping people hear the voice of God through the word, prayer, and personal experiences, I tend to be a hands on preacher who loves to take the time with people before or after a service to answer questions or pray with them. It is an honor for me to be given an opportunity to share the love of God, the saving grace of Jesus, and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, through speaking or preaching at any event. I consider each event a unique opportunity and I always begin by taking it to the Lord in prayer, seeking to discern the word the Holy Spirit desires to speak to your specific group, and then trust the Holy Spirit to show up and bring the increase!

I will work with any group to design the perfect weekend retreat or message for church, but some of the topics I am passionate about:

My absolute favorite Bible story… if you know me, you are already saying out loud, THE WOMAN AT THE WELL! As many times as I have used this Scripture I have never preached the same message from it – God’s word is always fresh!

I also love to preach/teach on:

Learning to hear the voice of God for yourself

Realizing the fullness of who you were created to be

Renouncing the lies of the enemy and receiving the truth of God

Spiritual activities that help you draw closer to God: Solitude, silence, Lectio Divina, prayer, fasting

God’s plan for Women in leadership and ministry

Healing and forgiveness

Healing from trauma

Finding your worth and affirmation in Christ alone

Whatever is on your heart, God can make it happen!

Wedding Officiant

From the beginning God created humans in the image of God. Male and female, created to be in relationship with God and each other. Marriage, designed by God, to give us a life partner to be a help and support physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Marriage is a gift, but it is not always easy, especially living in a fallen and broken world. As a wife and a pastor I recognize the preciousness of this relationship as well as the challenges – and invite couples to invest in this time to plan for the marriage and not just the ceremony. Premarital counseling is so beneficial for couples as it helps them consider all aspects of their relationship, even aspects they may not yet have experienced. This has become standard for weddings I officiate and takes 4-6 sessions that can be done in person or via zoom. The greatest benefit is that it makes for a more personal ceremony as I work with the couple to design the perfect ceremony that will bless and encourage the couple and the families and guests on this very special day!

Funeral & Memorial Services

Life is precious… life has purpose… life should be celebrated.

I honestly believe there is nothing more precious than having the privilege of being with a family in their most intimate moments as they grieve the loss of a loved one. When we lose a loved one, whether suddenly or as the result of a long illness, There is a process of grief we must go through. The funeral or memorial service is the beginning of that process and is critical in helping the family grieve their loss and remember the blessings of life, while surrounded by loving family and friends. Seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance and spending time with the family, listening and asking questions, together we design a service that best honors the loved one they are grieving, and blesses the family and friends left behind.