Rooted in Strength

My mom was a nurse. My sister, my daughter, and my niece followed in her footsteps. Two of my best friends are nurses, and I know and love countless other nurses. Personally, I never understood the allure. I was always uncomfortable with the sights, sounds, and most of all, the smells of hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices – or encountering anyone who might be sick … Continue reading Rooted in Strength

Poetry in Motion

Now in my final unit of CPE on this journey through residency, we are studying Poetry. Yeah, I know, I said the same thing – what does poetry have to do with chaplaincy? But honestly, just a few weeks in and it is my favorite unit of study. I am finding the connection between poetry, life, and of course chaplaincy, profound. Let me explain. Life … Continue reading Poetry in Motion

Where is That Coming From?

The phrase “Where is that coming from?” is one I hear a lot these days. I believe the general understanding is that this is a statement made in judgement of another, as if they are the crazy one and the speaker has no idea what prompted their crazy response. If it is used this way, then it is judgmental – especially if done with an … Continue reading Where is That Coming From?

“Holding Space”

There is a new buzz-phrase floating around out there, maybe you have heard it, or maybe it is just the new circles I am traveling in these days… the buzz-phrase is holding space. The phrase originates in the therapy realm, but it accurately describes what I do as a chaplain… for those of you who were wondering. Your first question might be, what does it … Continue reading “Holding Space”