“Holding Space”

There is a new buzz-phrase floating around out there, maybe you have heard it, or maybe it is just the new circles I am traveling in these days… the buzz-phrase is holding space. The phrase originates in the therapy realm, but it accurately describes what I do as a chaplain… for those of you who were wondering. Your first question might be, what does it … Continue reading “Holding Space”

My Call to Chaplaincy

As I begin this 12-month journey, as a chaplain in residency, I think about the first time “chaplain” entered my conscience. Of course, I had heard the word and even knew someone who was a chaplain, but I had never given the vocation a thought. In seminary we had an option to do an internship – either as a pastor in a church setting or … Continue reading My Call to Chaplaincy

The Fields are Ripe For the Harvest

God has called me to a new season – after a long season of pastoral ministry in the church, he is calling me to minister to people outside the church. That is all I know. I am not sure where that will lead or what exactly God is doing in me to prepare me for it, but I do know I am in a season … Continue reading The Fields are Ripe For the Harvest